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Welcome to Ali’s Sensory Boxes Blog!

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

About this blog

We are a small business selling individualised sensory boxes and bags, sensory and fidget items, and sensory aids in memory of our daughter/sister Ali who had autism and ADHD and sadly ended her life at the end of 2019. Ali found great comfort and distraction in sensory items and loved gifting them to others. To help keep her memory alive, as well as bring comfort and distraction that Ali always wanted people to feel, we began making our own 'Ali's Sensory Boxes'.

We pride ourselves in tailoring our sensory boxes and bags to the individual's age, needs and preferences as we know what may work for some won’t for another.

Our mission is to help those like our Ali and many more, so this blog will include helpful information, tips and all things sensory!

This is Ali.

Ali was beautiful, funny, bright, excitable and she lit up anyone’s day no matter how utterly sad she was herself. She always wanted to help others, especially those who had autism like her, to make them feel understood and able to navigate this world. Ali was a singer and songwriter and often expressed her feelings and emotions through the songs she wrote. She was incredibly talented and even released her own music on Spotify and youtube. She used sensory toys to help her anxiety, to comfort and distract herself. She loved gifting them to other people to try and support them the way the sensory items helped her.

This is Debs and Georgia. Debs (on the right) is Ali’s mum. Georgia (on the left) is Ali’s sister. Together we make the people behind Ali’s Sensory Boxes. We started this venture to channel our grief and help people like our Ali. It gave us something to focus on amongst the anger and sadness we felt of losing her. We have helped thousands of people in the years working on this small business, with some customers becoming dear friends. We do this to help others and we are in the process of being able to donate some of our sensory boxes to mental health hospitals, schools and other organisations.

Feel free to follow us on our social media for more: @alissensoryboxes

Comment what kind of things you would like to see from us on this blog!


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