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DIY Calm Down Bottle

DIY Calm Down Bottle

This special calming visual sensory aid can be bought to help with grounding, calming, helping anxiety and much more. Choose between our different themes: Dinosaur, Unicorn, Space, Pink, Teal or Snow.  Included is a packet of theme related items and another decorative parts then you just add water and you've made your very own Calm Down Bottle. The bottle itself is non toxic and robust with durable sensory ends which screw on securely and are also easy to hold on to.

So why not try this and help you or your child calm their breath, self regulate and improve focus. Shake this bottle and be mesmerized as the contents whirl and slowly decent. You can also add your own contents! We have Refill Packs too!

Age recommendation: 3+ years.
Watch our TikTok to show the making up of a Calm Down Bottle.

DIY Calm Down Bottle

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